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Current Residence: Wonderland.
Favourite cartoon character: All the CLAMP characters! ^_^
Personal Quote: "I love CLAMP!" <3
CLAMP Fan Club

This club was created for all you peoples who appreciate CLAMP's work ^^

~To Join~

If you would like to join the CLAMP-Club please send this account a note stating something such as "I would like to join" or "I want to join"
After you're accepted you will be sent the password for this account so you would be able to log in and post your artwork

-  Add our icon in your journal please
- Play nice with others ^^
- And members please DO NOT mess with the settings or journal
- When on this account please don't favorite a lot of pictures all at once, we want the pictures to be up for a day or a few at least so people can admire their beauty ^^
(plus… )
- When on this account please don't devwatch anyone
- And please DO NOT delete ANYTHING ... okay not anything, if you posted something and something got mixed up and you need to delete it go for it

*Please DO NOT open the notes, once they are open they don't show as new and sometimes we don't notice them and please DO NOT FAVORITE non CLAMP art*   

~Section Violation~

-_- We keep having problems with violation here (so DA says), so I'll just post a few reminders:

It has come to our recent attention that one of the clubs deviations has been taken down due to copyright violations. Please make sure the work you submit is your own, and follow our rules as well as the rules of DeviantArt to make this club as enjoyable as possible.

"deviantART does not tolerate deviations which are submitted in to a category, or section, for which they obviously do not belong." (Quote from one of the notes)

  Most of the work will go under Category: Traditional Art > Drawings > Fanart or Digital Art > Drawings > Fanart

-Thank You


Now you can either submit your work to the club yourself by:
State the title of the artwork along with your name (X by BlueEyedPanther)
Then write whatever you'd like in the description and post a link (to your gallery) at the end of the description so people can visit you ^^
You can submit it on your own gallery and post a link (Devious Comments)

PS if you forgot the password don't worry just note the club with the subject: PASSWORD, if you don't it might be over looked, if we don't answer note me, blueeyedpanther and I'll give you it ^^

I noticed the whole comment and favorite thing going around, so if you have submitted the picture to your own account and to the club's and only want the comments and favorites on your account, mention so and disable the comments when you post it, if you don't mind only getting comments in the club's version then you don't have to mention it.  Either way works fine <3

~Outside Submits!~

Okay so I have not been on here for a while and I am TERRIBLY sorry (college kills you kids, but it's worth it!).  And for that I decided to buy the club a subscription for a while and so we will add something new to this club, we'll make it so there will be a journal that will keep all your submitted CLAMP work outside of club, aka if you don't want to post it in our gallery, post it in yours and give me the link and I'll post it under here with a thumbnail of the picture and a link to it ^_____^
So how about it?  Note MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT please, blueeyedpanther so I can do it right when I visit DA which is everyday, unless I am in class and dead afterwards.  Any questions about this, note me! I do not bite :D

Oh and not only will they have their own journal, they will be on the front page until the end of the month that you sent me the note, so if you send me one on the 1st of the month, it will be up there for a month, if it's sent on the 27th it will only be up for a few days on the front page, if you'd like you can wait until the first to send the note so it stays there longer :D it's up to you.

Outside Submits!

June 2006:


:iconblueeyedpanther: :iconangeliceva042:

(I don't get on BlackLeonine very often, so please send questions to my other account blueeyedpanther )

:iconrenholder8888: :iconcardcaptorkiki: :iconsheikah: :iconmagicmaster87: :iconkidoairaku: :iconsojiokage:


Members 1-100
Members 101-200
Members 201-300
Members 301-400
Members 401-500
Members 501-600
Members 601-700
Members 701-800
Members 801-900
Members 901-1,000
Members 1,001-1,100
Members 1,101-1,200
Members 1,101-1,300
Members 1,301-1,400

~Affiliates ~


~ Contest ~

Okay contest time, since we haven't had one since October, it is time.
The theme is END OF SCHOOL, it has come to my attention that all regular schools and colleges are soon to be starting their summer break, so draw the last day of school for any of the CLAMP characters, this means I want to see a lot of uniforms ^____^ be creative, or use their own, or they can even be already starting summer break right after school, so actually it's more of a END OF SCHOOL/STARTING SUMMER BREAK contest :D
You can have as many characters FROM any of the CLAMP anime or manga as you want too!

- end of school type of thing, going to the beach, laying on the bed very happy that there is no more stress for a few months, anything that deals with summer and end of school.
- Draw however many CLAMP characters as you want
- Use whatever media (drawing tools) you want (just make sure we can see the lines if it's in pencil, else wise I'll darken it)
- Just make sure to follow the club's rules as well as deviantART's
- ONE submissions per person
- Due the 3RD of June so we have a week to vote and on the 10th we'll have a winner
- and have fun  

Directions & Judging: When ready to submit to contest, post your entry in YOUR GALLERY ONLY and send blueeyedpanthera note with the link to your entry. I will save them all and post them as one large picture with a unique number next to each entry and have the members vote on which they like best.  If there are a few entries we will use a POLL for this, if there are more than the poll can hold, then it will be like usual.
- 3 Months Subscription
- We'll post the picture up here and show it as the feathered deviation ^^
- you will be posted under the Previous Contest Winners

Okay guys it is time to vote for your favorite picture, we have 5 entries, so we have a poll this time:  

click here to get to the poll

~ Previous Contest Winners ~

Sixth Contest: :iconay-art: - CLAMP Halloween
Fifth Contest: :iconay-art: - Just Me
Forth Contest: :iconmayuka-chan: - clamp contert entry
Third Contest: :iconyumeminouta:  - Sumeragi: Always...
Second Contest: :iconfrostocelot: - CLAMP Wonderland
First Contest: :iconlilena: - The Blind Princess Hinoto

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